Here’s What Mark Zuckerberg Should Have Said at NC A&T

Live at North Carolina A&T State University talking about buil...

Live at North Carolina A&T State University talking about building community.

Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Monday, March 13, 2017
In case you missed it, Mark Zuckerberg spoke at North Carolina A&T this week. NC A&T invited him as part of their Town Hall guest lecturer series. The visit also coincides with Mark's 30 state+ tour of the United States to help share Facebook's vision for the future. With Facebook's black employees only representing 1% of their workforce, and Mark's visit to an historically…read more
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White Coworkers – This is What I Want You To Say To Me After Tuesday’s Election

I stayed up the night before in disbelief. Not sure how this country elected a man, who has made discriminatory remarks against women, blacks, and muslims, as their next leader. He has made discriminatory remarks against many other marginalized communities, but the intersection of the three communities aforementioned, is where I sit. Yesterday, morning - I headed to work with…read more
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For Allies – Ideas On How To Celebrate Black History Month In The Office

Its Black History Month! Its the time of year where we get 28 days (29 days this year) to acknowledge and celebrate the contributions of African Americans to this country. Unfortunately, in the past, we've seen a few companies make faux pas in an attempt to celebrate the month. So we've put together a handy list of ideas on how…read more

Should Blacks Work At Companies Like Twitter and Google

In case you missed it: this week, a former Twitter Engineering Manager, Leslie Miley, wrote a detailed post announcing his departure from Twitter citing diversity related reasons. His departure leaves the company without any remaining blacks in engineering leadership positions. This is the latest in a set of experiences told by blacks about their challenges while working at companies such as Twitter, Dropbox, or Google. These experiences…read more