New App Created By Livingstone Alum Makes Sharing Songs Easier

January 20, 2016 HBCU Alumni, HBCUMade, Startups

The app is called Bluurp. Founders Darell Austin, Jr, Livingstone College Alum, and Kevin Rivers, describe Bluurp as a social network that allows you to share media and send messages to other networks for free. In comparison to other sharing tools, such as Buffer or HootSuite, Bluurp differentiates itself by adding a social layer internal to the app. Bluurp friends and followers can see what you’re sharing and to where.

Rivers came up with the idea when he was working at a previous startup. Frustrated with having to copy and paste YouTube links to each social media network, Rivers went searching for a better way to share media. He discovered that although Buffer and HootSuite allow easy sharing of messages, sharing media content (songs and videos) involved too many steps.

I tested the Bluurp app after its launch on January 5th. Like any app in its infancy, there were things in need of improvement. However, the core feature I found the most impressive was the ability to search and share music (or videos) directly from the app.

We spoke with Austin about his journey from Livingstone College to Silicon Valley startup founder. When asked about advice for other HBCU students and alum looking to start a startup, he had many tips.

“Have an idea that’s going to actually solve a recurring problem. You don’t need to have the perfect product/service, just get out there and do it. You will figure it out as you progress. Believing in yourself to carry out your startup dream will propel you forward more than anything. Also, you will always need to get better, but know that you have enough within yourself to develop & launch a startup. Highly recommended but not required, try to relocate to one of the major tech hubs such as San Francisco, NYC & LA. Being apart of the ecosystem helps tremendously to grow your startup as well as yourself as a budding entrepreneur. Bootstrap, work odd jobs to make the move work for you. Learn and practice storytelling, very important to emotionally connect with your potential customers and investors for your startup. For inspiration, listen to hip hop legend Slick Rick’s The Art Of Storytelling classic album. Be sure to understand the law of reciprocation. Offering to help with no imminent return will carry you very far in life. Lastly, network, network and network. No one will know about the product/service you’re offering unless you get out of the building to meet & connect with people.”