How Having a Side Hustle Helps You Land The Job

December 30, 2016 Career Advice

Finding that dream job may be easier said than done but with a side hustle opportunities are more likely to be knocking at your door. This is a generation of the side hustles, contract gigs and freelance work. When I say, “side hustle,” I’m not only talking about a side business but the little things you do aside from your day job. Having a side hustle is beneficial whether it’s for extra money or to work toward a bigger dream.

During my freshman year in college, my side hustle was working in a local restaurant as a server to earn extra cash for school. Waiting tables was very demanding and sometimes stressful. However, working in a restaurant as a server taught me how to thrive under pressure, balance work and school and improve other life skills that would help prepare me for a new career.

While in college a number of my classmates had side hustles on campus such as being a hair stylist, lifeguard, blogger, artist, tutor etc. Having those experiences and hobbies are what set you apart from the rest when applying for jobs. Having previous work experience or personal business could really wow potential employers.

Not mentioning the extra work in a resume could potentially prevent you from scoring that dream position. When writing your resume, make sure you take note of the different factors that go into the job you’re applying for and the mission of the company offering the job.

My advice is to really take the word “side hustle” to heart. It is, in fact, a hustle. While it can be rewarding, it could feel tiring and frustrating at times. Let the hard work motivate you to build and perfect your craft. This will be the stepping stone in becoming active in the industry.

Today, it is rare to have a perfect career path, and most people do a lot more than just their day jobs. If you are one of those people, don’t be afraid to show off your talents and everything you do – even the things that aren’t directly related to your career. Try volunteering, picking up a hobby related to your field of work, (blogging, coding, editing, etc.). Doing so will greatly benefit you both mentally and look good on your resume. Start researching online and try to figure out what might work best for your situation. You might be surprised with what you can achieve.