2 Hacks for a Higher Salary in 2017

March 21, 2017

Millennials are earning less today (after adjusting for inflation) than the same age group did in the past according to the New York Times. Even worst, “less than half of working Americans even ask for a raise and close to 30% are uncomfortable negotiating salary, according to a new study by Payscale,” Of course you’re not […]

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How to Get Recruiters to Contact YOU with Job Openings

March 9, 2017

Countless Millennials are using obsolete job hunting techniques that don’t acknowledge the impact of modern technology on recruiting. For example 75% of qualified job applicants are rejected by Applicant Tracking Software before a recruiter even sees their resume simply because of incorrect formatting! Another outdated job hunting method is submitting an application through a company’s […]

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4 Quick Tips to Get Your Next Job On Linkedin

March 8, 2017

According to Jobvite, 87% of recruiters say they’re now using LinkedIn to find quality candidates. Still, almost 60% say they can’t find eligible applicants. In short, most job seekers are not effectively leveraging LinkedIn to connect with online recruiters. In order to be successful, you have to increase your visibility on the site and create a profile that’ll convince […]

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How this NC A&T Student Landed A Summer Internship At Apple

March 1, 2017

Brandon Long, a junior computer science (CS) student at North Carolina A & T State University always wanted to go to an HBCU and play in the band. So when the alto saxophonist saw A&T play while in high school, Long knew it was the perfect school for him. What he didn’t know is that […]

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How Having a Side Hustle Helps You Land The Job

December 30, 2016

Finding that dream job may be easier said than done but with a side hustle opportunities are more likely to be knocking at your door. This is a generation of the side hustles, contract gigs and freelance work. When I say, “side hustle,” I’m not only talking about a side business but the little things […]

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