How to Get Recruiters to Contact YOU with Job Openings

March 9, 2017 Career Advice

Countless Millennials are using obsolete job hunting techniques that don’t acknowledge the impact of modern technology on recruiting. For example 75% of qualified job applicants are rejected by Applicant Tracking Software before a recruiter even sees their resume simply because of incorrect formatting!

Another outdated job hunting method is submitting an application through a company’s website and waiting months to hear back (if you hear back at all… ) I’m not arguing that you should drop this method entirely — but that you can augment it by getting recruiters to contact you by uploading multiple Resumes on the right Career Websites.Here are the 3 easy steps I use to routinely get emailed and/or called about high quality job openings daily.

Step 1: Choose 3 Related Job Titles

In order for this to work choose 3 related Job Titles (i.e. I chose Lead Technical Writer, Medical Technical Writer & Documentation Specialist.) This doesn’t mean you’re stuck in those jobs forever, it only means that you’re going to concentrate on increasing your exposure in one general area.

Step 2: Customize Your Resume for each Job Title You Choose

I show you how to do this in my article 5 Resume Hacks to Get You Hired Faster. You can make the necessary changes yourself or you can contact me to help you with it.

Step 3: Upload 3 Different Resume Versions to 3 Recruiting Websites EACH

I recommend starting with, and as I’ve personally attracted the most recruiters from those sites. Additionally, notice I didn’t say “go on job sites and apply to open positions,” you’re just going to upload all three of your customized resumes not apply to jobs.

(For this walk through I’m using but the basic concept is the same for most career sites.)

  • Create an account with CareerBuilder and click Add Resume on the home screen.
  • Add your first chosen job title.
  • Attach that resume version.
  • Make sure your Privacy Settings say Display my Resume and Contact Info so recruiters can call and/or email you.
  • Click Post Your Resume.
  • Once you’ve been brought to the next screen your resume has been uploaded. Confirm your Desired Location for Jobs is correct.
  • Additionally, confirm your Work Experience is correct. Don’t bother filling out the other information as it’s not necessary for recruiters to reach out to you.
  • Scroll back up to the top, click Add Resume to upload the other two versions of your resume and just repeat all the preceding steps.

That’s it!

  • Within 24-72 hours recruiters should start to email and/or call you with job openings in your desired location and industry. Below is a snapshot of some of the responses I got in just a few days.

Recruiters Still aren’t Contacting Me!

  1. Maybe your resume needs a touch up; check out 5 Resume Hacks to Get Hired Faster.
  2. Research your job titles to make sure they’re highly recruited if they’re not switch to similar job titles that are in greater demand. For example I got a lot more hits with a Technical Writer job title than a Content Writer job title.
  3. Did you upload three different versions of your resume on at least three different job sites? (Careerbuilder, Monster and Indeed are all great.)
  4. Have you waited 24 – 72 hours?
  5. Are you ignoring unknown phone numbers? Recruiters get your phone number from your Resume and will call you randomly throughout the day.
  6. Consider blogging on Linkedin to grab recruiter attention. Check out my article How to Write a Blog that’ll Land You a Job.

Recruiters are Calling Me Now; What do I say?!

  1. For discussing salary check out my article 2 Hacks to get a Higher Salary in 2017.
  2. If you feel like you’re a little over your head check out 5 Hacks to Get a Job You’re Unqualified For.
  3. Remember, they came looking for you, so you’ve got some negotiating power; don’t be afraid to use it.